List your home for 1%

Get Full Service for a 1% Listing Commission on the Sale of your residential Real Estate.

See how selling with  EPL Realty Group, LLC  can get you great results for a much lower commission.*

We want to offer more services and benefits to our EPL Clients.   

This is a true 1% listing fee with ZERO hidden or extra charges/fees.  You will have to pay the commission on the buyer’s agent side but we can give you some strategies on how to reduce this as well! Let us help sell your residential real estate.

  • Pre-listing consultation (pricing and staging tips)
  • Full professional agent representation
  • Marketing/advertising exposure on MLS and ALL real estate websites
  • Exclusive Digital flyer ​
  • ARMLS Lock-box (Sentri-box)
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Electronic signature technology (eSign)
  • Title & Escrow Coordination, we do not attend the closing but we will coordinate all aspects of it
  • Prompt & Reliable communication via text, phone or email
  • Additional savings if EPL represents both buyer & seller
  • This is an offer to EPL Clients, must be a EPL Client to qualify
  • This does not apply to Commercial Real Estate

How can we offer these savings? First of all, you are our clients we want to offer you more. My support staff is paid a salary. With time saving technology and by not holding open houses, attending inspections we reduce time-consuming aspects of the listing process. This is how we can save you thousands of dollars without compromising our expertise & service with your real estate process.

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EPL Realty Group

Savings Chart

Simple & Transparent Pricing

Sale Price

Standard 6% Commission

(3% Listing + 3% Buying)

VS EPL Realty 1%

(1% Listing + 3% Buying)

Your Savings


$18,000 VS $12,000 $6,000
$400,000 $24,000 VS $16,000



$30,000 VS $20,000 $10,000
$600,000 $36,000 VS $24,000


$700,000 $42,000 VS $28,000